About us

What is PegHeads.org?

PegHeads is a full stack web application that' s goal is to automate 3D animation with Artificial Intelligence.We are creating an open source platform for creators to use and showcase their independent animations with AI assistance.By utilizing AI and a data centric modeling technique this becomes the worlds only open source project to automate 3D animations.We're a non-profit, so there are no shareholders or VCs in the background influencing our decisions here. Our income to manage this platform comes from donations and our annual revenue is generated by the customers who pay us. Thanks to that, we have an unlimited runway to keep building the things we want to build and grow this platform with unlimited resources from contributions by others.

Our Mission

We believe there are many creators who have extreme talent in the global animation industry.It should be easy and accessible for anyone to create their own 3D animation stories assisted by a data centric neural network.We're on a mission to create modern, open source, AI technology to power the future of sustainable storytelling through 3D animation. The days are coming where AI Technolgies will teach humans and we want to be the leader in this field.

How we Operate

We' re fans of Basecamp's Shape Up method of product development, and we continually review and update how we work. The majority of things here get done on Github, with Slack and Zoom for communication.